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Video Synchronizer

This is a proof of concept which synchronizes a video between two browsers.

The greatest challenge with this project was getting the video to sync quickly, smoothly and accurately. Aaron was able to achieve a lock-in time within about three seconds and a synchronization threshold of about 15ms. Although he believed he could do better, the program works quite well as it is.
The main reason for the three second lock-in time and 15ms threshold is that the HTML 5 video player is slightly unpredictable. Within Javascript, when you play a video, the video might play immediately or it might play after one second and there's no way to predict this.

To demonstrate this program, you will need to open two browsers on the same or different computers or you could use an Incognito window for the client but note that it won't work using a second tab since it utilizes session data. Also note, this can support one server and multiple clients.

The server page:

The client page:

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